All-season sunrooms, three-season sunrooms, and porch enclosures bring natural light into your home. They also protect you from the sun, rain, wind, pollen, and bugs. Each one creates an opportunity to add valuable square footage to your home. Plus, you get to enjoy the natural beauty around you. Sunrooms and porch enclosures are an excellent way to add to your home’s aesthetic too.

All-season sunrooms

If you have a deck or patio that you rarely use, have an aversion to bugs, or suffer from allergies, sunrooms provide the perfect space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while retaining the comforts of indoors. The windows in an all-season sunroom are double-paned, Energy Star™ rated and provide UV filtration that can keep floors and furniture from fading. They provide the highest level of energy efficiency and help keep the sunroom warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Sliding windows allow for maximum ventilation with a less obstructed view and the screens are composed of mesh that is less noticeable than in standard windows which contributes to better visibility. In other words, it really is all about that view!

To contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the room, all corners of the windows and doors are fusion welded to prevent drafts and leaks and the frame and roof of the room are insulated. Maintenance of all-season patio rooms is a breeze as they are easy to clean and never need to be stained or painted. 

Our all-season sunrooms are available in two roof styles, gable and studio, and two colors, beige and white.

Three season sunrooms

While these sunrooms share similarities with the all-season patio rooms, they possess their own set of unique qualities. Three-season sunrooms provide a more affordable option for increasing your living area. Due to the difference in the energy efficiency of the windows, these rooms are most suitable for use in the spring, summer, and fall. However, a heating and cooling system can be added to these rooms to provide a comfortable environment for winter use as well.

It is the windows that are the most significant difference between these two types of sunrooms. The windows in a three-season room are comprised of single-paned, tempered glass. While this type of window is not as energy-efficient, they offer most of the advantages of a double-paned window. The sliding windows provide UV filtration and open wide to provide better views while the screens are comprised of the same mesh that is less noticeable and provides higher visibility. These windows have the advantage of being more easily customizable and come in a variety of sizes.

If you prefer to have a larger variety of color options, our three-season sunrooms come in four standard colors, clay, coffee, white, and beige plus a range of custom colors. Choose between a gable or studio roof style and keep in mind that it is possible to add a heating and cooling system for temperature control year-round.

Porch enclosures 

If you have a porch you never use and are looking for an affordable way to add a sunroom to your home, consider converting that unused space with a porch enclosure. A porch enclosure allows you to add sunroom walls and windows, giving you a beautiful room that you can use year-round. This cost-conscious option utilizes your existing structure to create the sunroom while providing the same benefits as a room that is built from the ground up. Your porch can be converted to a three-season or all-season room depending on the type of windows you select. You can choose from sliding or hinged doors to complete your enclosure and further customize the space with flooring and light fixtures that suit your style