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Seven Things to Know Before Starting Your Screen Room Project

Screen Rooms

Screen Room Morganton, NCSpring is here, summer is right around the corner and you may find that you have more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor areas. Now that you’re out there, maybe you realize that it would be nice to add some additional outdoor living space to your home. A screen room is a great option and you can read about the many, many reasons why here.

If you are seriously considering making this investment in your home, you probably have some questions. We have answers and we went straight to the top to get them. Our CEO, Bob Carnes has over 30 years of experience building, designing, and helping customers choose the perfect screen room. We got him to share his expertise and you get to reap the benefits.

Here are the seven most common questions that our customers ask before they decide to move forward with their screen room projects.

Can you make my screen room any size that I want it?

Yes, all our screen room additions are custom-designed to our homeowner’s preferences and we can build it in pretty much any size you could want.

Can my screen room be constructed on my deck or patio?

Absolutely! Most of the screen porches that we construct are placed on existing decks or patios. If you don’t have a deck or patio, we can provide it for you.


Screen Room Biltmore Lake, NCCan the screened room addition have a roof that blends in with my house?

Yes, we can construct screen room additions with a gabled, shingled roof to blend in with your existing home’s roof. Single-slope, studio-style roofs are available as well.

What is the framing made of?

Most of the screen rooms that we construct are built using aluminum wall framing. The framing is available in many standard colors and requires little to no maintenance.


Cooper Screen Room Asheville, NcIs the screening easy to replace should an accident occur?

Fortunately, the heavy-duty fiberglass mesh is rolled into the wall framing for a secure and tight appearance and is easily replaced if needed.

How much will a screen room cost me?

Typically, our most basic screen rooms start at around $50 per square foot if constructed on an existing deck or patio, including labor. The size, whether you choose a studio-style (flat) roof or a gable roof, and many other options determine the actual price of your project. This is why we offer free estimates and go over our many custom options so carefully. One size and, in this case, one price does not fit all of the many screen room options that we offer.

How long will it take to construct my screen room?

Our experienced craftsman can construct most screen rooms in a week or less.​​​​​​​

These are our customer’s top seven questions. You may have more and we will go straight to the top to get answers for you too. We’re here and ready to custom design a screen room project that is ideal for you.