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Reasons to Replace Those Worn Out Windows

Replacement Windows

Many times you will hear window companies tell you that the number one reason to replace your old, worn-out windows is to save money. It is true that Energy Star™ qualified replacement windows can lower your energy bills by 7 to 15% and can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. However, as anyone who has ever looked into the cost of replacement windows can tell you, it can take many years of energy savings just to pay for those windows. The true benefits of replacing your windows may not be as attention-grabbing but, they are valuable benefits that can make your home more comfortable and even improve your quality of life.

Keeping It Quiet

Installing new windows can really cut down on the noise entering your home from the great outdoors. Double-paned glass and tight seals can also help reduce the amount of noise leaving your home; a very attractive benefit for those who like to turn up the tunes or are raising teenagers.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact that human beings are having on this planet, they are becoming more conscious of the decisions that can be made to decrease that impact. Replacing your old windows can increase energy efficiency resulting in a decreased carbon footprint. There is no downside to that.

Keep Your Loved Ones and Loved Things Safe

Many people think about doors but forget about windows when they think about their home security. Often, old windows don’t close or lock properly creating an easy point of entry into your home. Replacement windows with their tight seals and secure locks can increase the security of your home and decrease your worry.

Less Maintenance Equals More Time for You

Replacement windows are much easier to clean. That is a pretty strong incentive to go out and replace your windows right away but, there is more. Vinyl replacement windows, which are the most common, don’t have to be painted. Ever! Low maintenance is definitely the way to go and means that you have more time to enjoy the things you actually want to do.

Let the Light Shine In

Many of you know that recent studies have shown that exposure to natural light helps keep people healthier and sleeping better. New windows have smaller frames and larger panes of glass which allow more light into your home. Choose windows with Low-E glass and your home will stay cooler in the summer even with the increased light coming through your windows.

Keep Your Home Looking Good

No homeowner has ever hoped that their home looks old and rundown from the street. We all want our home to have curb appeal. New windows can help improve the look of your home and, as a bonus, homeowners who invest in new windows see about an 80% return on investment when they sell their home. Now that looks pretty good to me.