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Porch Enclosure? What’s That?

Porch Enclosures

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and we’ve discovered that often many different people have common problems with their outdoor living areas. They don’t want to sit on their porch in the evenings because the bugs just won’t stop biting them. Their outdoor furniture on the patio has gotten so dirty that it’s pretty much ruined. They would love to sit outside but it just started pouring rain. The list goes on and on and the end result is that people rarely get to enjoy their porch or patio.

Three-Season Porch Enclosure

So we tell them, no problem, we can do a porch enclosure for you and solve all those problems. That’s when we sometimes get a bit of a blank look. An explanation is clearly needed.

You probably know what a sunroom is. You’re probably familiar with screen rooms. But, what are we talking about when we say porch enclosure or patio conversion? What does that look like?

With an enclosure or conversion, we simply take the existing floor and ceiling that you already have and add walls and windows to turn your porch or patio into a room that you can use year-round. Usually, this can be done in just a few days. Yes, just a couple of days from porch to completely enclosed room!


So Many Benefits

The sliding windows are easy to open and close and really easy to clean. The large screens allow you to enjoy the breeze when the weather is fine and the tempered glass windows keep the room comfortable in an energy-efficient manner when the weather gets unpleasant.

You can customize the room any way you like by putting down new flooring, adding ceiling fans, or putting in new light fixtures. Make the space fit your unique sense of style. After all, we can promise you’ll be spending a lot of time there. Our customers tell us their enclosures quickly become the favorite room in their house.

Bugs? Pollen? Dirty furniture? Sound like familiar problems? We can do an enclosure for you. Ah, I can see you know exactly what I’m talking about.