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How To Clean Your Awnings The Right Way

Residential Awnings

Recently, here at the office, we have received several calls from people wanting to know how to clean their fabric awnings. I used to just have a boring list of instructions that I could give to folks but, I now have this really neat little gadget called a smart phone and it does some cools things like video and it even makes it super easy. So, I decided to push my technology skill set and make one of my first ever videos for Air Vent Exteriors, a step by step video on how to clean your awning. This video is always available on this site under the Videos tab but, I thought it deserved a feature presentation. It is short, to the point, and the demonstration is done by an awning cleaning professional. Now, that is the right way to get the right information to the people that want it and it is so much better than a boring list!