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Are you getting bored? Decorate your sunroom with these fun tips



Sunroom Interior Biltmore Lake, NC

Your sunroom is your retreat. It is the place in your home that brings the indoors and outdoors together. Decorating this unique space can be challenging but gives you the opportunity to combine the beauty of nature with your own personal sense of style. Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to take a good look at your sunroom and decide if you need some decor updating. If you don’t know where to start, Sharon Peele, interior designer, and owner of Rudy’s Furniture Warehouse shares some fun, creative decorating tips for all sunroom types.

Some factors to consider before decorating

Before you start buying furniture or accessories for your sunroom, ask yourself this most important question. What do you want to do in your sunroom? Do you want a place to eat breakfast, read, work from home, do yoga? Decide how you want to use your sunroom and then begin choosing your color scheme, fabrics, and furniture while keeping that firmly in mind.

Your sunroom will be flooded with natural light and those rays can cause fading and damage to many types of fabrics. So, choose your furniture fabrics, window coverings, and rugs while taking that into consideration. Peele highly recommends Sunbrella fabrics for furniture because of their UV protection and high resistance to stains and fading. Sunbrella also offers sheers with the same durability and fade-resistant properties. Remember to pick materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

What furniture should you use?

Peele recommends experimenting with different types of furniture, like metal, glass, and wood. Consider using glass tables and metal chairs for your breakfast area as they will hold up well in a sunny environment. Add a hanging swing for naps, reading, or just relaxing. Marble coffee tables or a big drum with some chairs placed around it add creative and unique touches. Throw some colorful cushions into the mix then sit back and enjoy this very special space in your home.

Sunroom Interior Asheville, NC


Try different types of lighting and flooring

Even though sunrooms get plenty of natural light, it is important to add some lighting so you can continue to enjoy your room after the sun has set. Think beyond outdoor lighting and bring indoor lamps and light fixtures into the space. Low-light lamps, lanterns, and chandeliers with candles can provide a pleasant, tranquil atmosphere.

Choose your flooring keeping in mind how you plan to use your sunroom. Tile, concrete, and vinyl plank flooring are all durable and easy to clean options that work well in a sunroom. Outdoor rugs will add softness and color to these flooring options and consider using rattan as it works well to help create that in-between indoors and outdoors look.

Experiment with texture and color

Nature has many different textures and vibrant colors and the decor in your sunroom should mirror that. Use color even if you carry the earth tones in from your home decorating theme. You could choose neutral furniture and then add pops of color with a rug and some cushions. Or go all out and do color from top to bottom. Be sure to use lots of pillows and fabrics with different textures to soften up the space. Your sunroom is a sanctuary within your home. Decorate it using items that you love.

Sunroom Interior Biltmore Lake, NC


What about electronics?

It’s best to keep electronics in the room to a minimum, due to the amount of sun exposure. Instead, consider creating a beverage center with an electric tea kettle or a coffee maker with accouterments.

The bottom line is that your sunroom is your oasis, your retreat, your unique space and you should decorate it keeping that in mind. If you want some assistance creating a space that fits your personal style, consider setting up a one on one consultation with Sharon at Rudy’s Furniture Warehouse.