Porch Enclosures

Porch Enclosures/Conversions

Do you have a porch that rarely gets used? Would you love to sit outside and relax but dread dealing with the pollen and dirty furniture covering your porch? We have a fast, affordable and comfortable solution for you. Convert that unused porch into a room you can use all year round.
You don’t have to start from scratch to have a beautiful sunroom that can bring the outdoors indoors. We can turn your porch into an enclosed room that you can use no matter what time of year, rain or shine.
We ensure the same specially trained craftsmen that build our custom sunrooms use their experience and attention to convert your porch into a beautiful room. Here are some basic facts about our porch enclosures. We know you will have more questions and our qualified sales team will be happy to help answer them all.

  • We enclose your porch using our sunroom walls and windows and your existing ceiling and floor
  • Tempered safety glass windows let the light in and keep the pollen and bugs out
  • Screens allow you to leave your windows open to catch the breeze when you want to get closer to nature
  • Sliding windows are easy to open and easy to keep clean
  • Your porch conversion can be completed within 2-3 days
  • Customize with fans and light fixtures to suit your unique style
  • Optional heating/cooling system is available
  • Flexible payment terms
  • 0% financing offered for 12 months to qualified buyers
  • Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

What Customers Say...

We are thrilled with our porch enclosed for all 4 seasons. The sliding windows are excellent. and above our expectations. The tracks clean easily, glide with no friction and latch easily. We were surprised that they slide on both sides and easy to clean both inside and outside. The invisible screens make the view of the mountain creek so much more enjoyable than the previous screens. One might think there are no screens at all. We were surprised at the ease the installers made the perfect fits and finishing touches to make it so beautiful. The insulation under the porch floor was finished with hard coverings so no animals could tear it down. We had not imagined how it would be finished and the whole room was far above our expectations. We have had remodeling project on other houses and because we naively did not discuss the "fine points", we were disappointed. With Air-vent Exterior's work showing they had great high quality standards, we were pleased above all expectations. We are most satisfied. The salesperson was very sure of his product, the installers were way above average in efficiency, cleanup of all glue and materials, we thank them and everyone at Air-vent Exteriors.

S.L., Waynesville, NC


Quality products installed cleanly and efficiently for both glassed in porch and deck rebuild

D.C., Asheville, NC